I am a freelance editor and writing consultant with a Ph.D. in English. With over twelve years working as an editor and writer, I bring the very highest level of editing, coaching, and consulting skills to your academic, business, or non-fiction report, article, thesis, book, or e-book project.

A Little Bit About Me

I RECEIVED MY PH.D. IN ENGLISH LITERATURE from the University of Toronto under the guidance of acclaimed Canadian academic, University Professor Linda Hutcheon.

I began working as an editor while still in graduate school and over the past twelve years I’ve come to focus on academic, business, and non-fiction book editing. I have worked with

  • academics to bring articles up to publication readiness
  • businesses to put their best face on a public project
  • e-book authors to bring clarity and consistency to their brand.

My background in advanced graduate work makes me ideally suited to work as a “fixer” bringing clarity to large and complex (and sometimes out-of-control) projects.

Each client is unique. I’ve been asked to hone a few sentences on the first page of a website, and I’ve been asked to edit out hundreds of pages, add in research, and write bridges of text for a document in need of continuity and style. Recently, I have

  • developed and (ghost)co-written a lead article for an international music magazine
  • tightened up a professor’s monograph on Caribbean and African novelists
  • brought together a business plan for an interactive children’s website
  • offered substantive editing for a series of e-books on arts curriculum development
  • suggested innovated ways to approach a website offering English language training for women.

As an author, my most recent publication is a book on literary theory from Palgrave MacMillan New York, The Hero in Contemporary American Fiction, that has been very well received. I’ve been given many grants and scholarships for my writing (including awards from the Canada Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council) and continue to publish both fiction and non-fiction works.

I enjoy discovery and variety and am always up for a writing challenge. I am pleased to count among my clients and friends CEOs, economists, artists, literary theorists, historians, scientists, teachers, and engineers.