I am a freelance editor and writing consultant with a Ph.D. in English. With over twelve years working as an editor and writer, I bring the very highest level of editing, coaching, and consulting skills to your academic, business, or non-fiction report, article, thesis, book, or e-book project.

services :: copyediting

copyedit graphicIT’S ALL ABOUT CLEAN WINDOWS. Navigating through the worlds of style-sheets, dictionaries, and acceptable usage, I will help make your work transparent so that the ideas and arguments clearly stand out.

This is a rule-based edit, which looks to establish a clean, readable document. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and all other mechanics of style are reviewed. Formatting is checked for consistency, and fact-checking and cross-referencing is performed where needed.

An individualized style sheet that keeps track of all editorial changes that are unique to your document can be created for you to use on all subsequent projects. A style sheet is the first step to creating your own house style and an invaluable resource.

Working invisibly in the background, I can help you to

  • establish spelling and style (American, Canadian, British)
  • adhere to an established style guide (APA, MLA, Chicago)
  • create your own style guide
  • look for consistency (fonts, headings, lists, tables)
  • cross-check citations with reference list
  • create a clean, readable text

other services

manuscript development graphicMANUSCRIPT DEVELOPMENT
Start your project off right.
A clear and consistent vision begins with the very first word.
substantive edit graphicSUBSTANTIVE EDITING
Make a difference.
Find the perfect way to say what you want to say.
manuscript evaluation graphicMANUSCRIPT EVALUATION
Take a step back.
An objective eye will help set you in the right direction.