I am a freelance editor and writing consultant with a Ph.D. in English. With over twelve years working as an editor and writer, I bring the very highest level of editing, coaching, and consulting skills to your academic, business, or non-fiction report, article, thesis, book, or e-book project.

Fees and Scheduling

EDITING IS AN ART, BUT IT IS ALSO A TEAM SPORT. There must be a free-flow of ideas in an editing relationship and establishing a clear budget before work begins is part of encouraging that relationship.

Making the editing experience a smooth one begins with an honest assessment of the pricing structure. My fees reflect my education as a Ph.D. and my extensive experience working with the very highest level of writers. To see an overview of some of the projects I’ve worked on, please see my Clients page.

If you are looking for a manuscript evaluation, please see the information listed on the Manuscript Evaluation page for details about what to expect and pricing.

If you are looking for an editor to either give your document a quick clean up or an in-depth reworking, here’s what to expect.

I estimate the cost of editing your project with a thorough assessment of the manuscript. I take into consideration

  • complexity of the subject
  • expected reading audience
  • level of edit required
  • length of manuscript
  • project deadline

Editing your work is an investment in your career or your business. I take that responsibility seriously. A project that comes to me is usually the result of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of hours of thinking. My job is to make sure that what is on the page is a true reflection of all the hard work that has gone into creating it.

You may be an academic hoping for publication and a tenure-track job, or you may be a business submitting a report for public (and media) perusal. Whether your document is for peers, public, or posterity, your work is a reflection of who you are as a person or a business. Together we can create a document to be proud of, one that is the best that it can be.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help bring your project up to publication readiness.

The speed of an edit can vary greatly over the course of a project. A manuscript with several issues to consider may be edited at one page per hour and a clean text may be edited at 8 pages per hour. My average is 4 pages (or 1,000 words) per hour. When you submit your work, I will always give you an estimate of how many hours the project should take me.

Before submitting your work for editing, you will want it to be as clean as possible. This will save me time and it will save you money. Some things to review before you submit your manuscript include the following:

  • Spellcheck the document in the language of publication (e.g., Canadian or American English)
  • Don’t forget to spellcheck footnotes
  • Standardize references, both in-text citations and the reference list

You should also consider whether you’d like me to do a style edit. Some publishers require submission in a certain format (e.g., title headings and reference list). I can prepare your article in this way, but it is time-consuming and most clients do it themselves to save a little off the cost of the edit.

Some clients also prefer to do their own cross-checking of references. I will check your reference list against your in-text citations as part of a comprehensive edit, but some clients will do this at the same time they run a final check on the spelling of names in their references.


The time required for any project depends on manuscript length and complexity as well as my current work load. In general, you should expect to schedule a project at least two weeks in advance and to allow five working days for completion of up to 25,000 words.

RUSH FEES: If you are in a bind and need something done faster than normal, I sometimes take on rush projects. In such cases, I charge rush fees of 30%, 40%, and 50% for 72–, 48–, and 24–hour turnarounds.

RETAINER WORK: I also occasionally take on a few hours per week of retainer work for clients who anticipate many short projects with short turnarounds and would like to have a professional editor on staff for a limited period of time. The minimum commitment for retainer work is three months.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the specifics of your project, please contact me and together we can develop an estimate and scheduling details.


manuscript development graphicMANUSCRIPT DEVELOPMENT
Start your project off right.
A clear and consistent vision begins with the very first word.
substantive edit graphicSUBSTANTIVE EDITING
Make a difference.
Find the perfect way to say what you want to say.
copyedit graphicCOPYEDITING
Keep the pages turning.
Correct grammar and word choice will let your ideas shine.
manuscript evaluation graphicMANUSCRIPT EVALUATION
Take a step back.
An objective eye will help set you in the right direction.


  • academic articles
  • academic monographs
  • scientific papers
  • scientific presentations
  • symposium proceedings
  • conference programs
  • educational materials
  • textbooks
  • annual reports
  • corporate histories
  • government briefs
  • press releases
  • biography and non-fiction
  • novels and short stories
  • speeches
  • manuals and guides
  • catalogues and brochures
  • website copy