I am a freelance editor and writing consultant with a Ph.D. in English. With over twelve years working as an editor and writer, I bring the very highest level of editing, coaching, and consulting skills to your academic, business, or non-fiction report, article, thesis, book, or e-book project.

Reviews of my work

"Halldorson is a fluid writer, and her sentences continually suggest a concern for both her own writing’s aesthetics and those of the novelists she chooses to grant her attention."

book review by Jeffrey Severs in Studies in the Novel (2011)

"Halldorson’s prose is not merely accessible, free from the self-aggrandizing clutter of much academic writing . . . . But style never detracts from content."

book review by Joseph Dewey in English Studies in Canada (2008)

"Exceeding our expectations, Stephanie looked up some of the authors we were citing and improved on how we were summarizing their main points! With our revise and resubmit for a top-tier academic management journal, Stephanie helped us find the right language — formal but very clear — to articulate our ideas smoothly and concisely. She made sure every piece of our argument was firmly in place and in the most logical order."

Dr. Kevin McKague, MBA, PhD, Senior Fellow, Center for Peace, Democracy and Development, University
of Massachusetts Boston

"Stephanie is both brilliant and extremely skilled in the use of language. If you work with Stephanie, you are assured that you will receive a document which not only is clearer and more concise, but has not lost any of the intended meaning in the editing process. She has particular experience working with ESL technical writers, polishing their reports and papers so that their managers and supervisors don’t have to. This experience can be of tremendous help when you have a colleague whose technical skills are top-notch, but whose writing is not up to the standards of your organization."

Paul Martin, Project Manager and Chemical Engineer, Toronto, Canada

"Stephanie is the most articulate person I know, with a thorough and committed approach to consulting that leaves my many and varied projects 100% stronger."

Pauline Stanley, Producer, Saucer Design, Toronto, Canada

"Stephanie is a genius! She helped me see what was missing, and then turned lists of facts into a savvy business report that’s a pleasure to read."

Renee Laprise, President, Mugisha Enterprises, Toronto and Charlottetown, Canada

"What I like about Stephanie is her ability to morph into the character I need. I’ve used her for casual newsletter emails and formal PowerPoint presentations and she’s always able to find the right tone for my audience. She’s just great at what she does."

John Rodd, Orchestral Sound Engineer, Los Angeles, USA

"As a software design and development consultant, I have had to document and communicate my understanding of detailed and highly technical specifications. Clarity is of the utmost importance as a misunderstanding can cost both my client and myself a great deal of time and money. I have found Stephanie’s talents as a writing consultant to be extremely helpful in attaining that clarity."

Danny Kermode, Software Development Consultant, Vernon, Canada