I am a freelance editor and writing consultant with a Ph.D. in English. With over twelve years working as an editor and writer, I bring the very highest level of editing, coaching, and consulting skills to your academic, business, or non-fiction report, article, thesis, book, or e-book project.

services :: substantive editing

substantive edit graphicIT’S ALL ABOUT PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER. Everything makes a difference, from comma placement, to word choice, to the placement of a paragraph. It all fits together to create interesting and persuasive writing.

My goal is to identify gaps in flow or contradictions in arguments. I may change a single word in a sentence or suggest you move an entire paragraph a couple of pages over. I will ask questions about your facts and suggest other avenues of exploration.

A substantive edit should give you a new way to look at your writing. Together we can play with the language to see what works, what doesn’t, and what is the perfect way to say exactly what you want to say.

Working as both reader and editor, I can help you to

  • see the text as a whole
  • clarify ideas
  • reorganize content
  • confirm logical flow
  • improve presentation and readability

other services

manuscript development graphicMANUSCRIPT DEVELOPMENT
Start your project off right.
A clear and consistent vision begins with the very first word.
copyedit graphicCOPYEDITING
Keep the pages turning.
Correct grammar and word choice will let your ideas shine.
manuscript evaluation graphicMANUSCRIPT EVALUATION
Take a step back.
An objective eye will help set you in the right direction.